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stud services are available year around, for information on breeding services to outside does please look at the bottom of this page..

party animals 2022 daughter Urban Kidz Mayhem pictured as dry yearling

party animals 2022 daughter Urban Kidz Mayhem pictured as dry yearling

mayhen's FF udder @ 2days Fresh

mayhen's FF udder @ 2days Fresh

Joie De Vivre RAP Party Animal ***DNA ON FILE***

Registration: ADGA & AGS

Born: 03/29/2021

Sire: Dragonfly PS Rhaspody 

Sire's Sire: Dragonfly IH Posiedon *DNA* (Promisedland Incredible Hulk X SGCH Flat Rocks Chaybdis VEVE 90 2011 National Best Udder of Breed)

Sire's Dam: Dragonfly SOL Fantasia *DNA* 2*M EEEE92 2016 Reserve National Champion Junior (GCH Algedi Farms HS Solarsis ++*B X SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D EEEV90)

Dam: Joie De Vivre Sol Soiree 6*M VEV+ 86 Elite Doe 2019-2020, 2020 Silver JuJu Award

Dam's Sire: Farm OldSouth M Soleil +*B VEE90 ( CH Farm OldSouth ZU Marquise +*B VEE90 X SGCH NC Promisedland SIA Sunra 3*M VEVE 89 Elite Doe)

Dam's Dam:  SG Up at the OW Dr Jubilee 5*M (Dill's BF Diamond Rio +*B X SG Owl Haven P Mystique 4*m)

I’m Super excited to have Him. His Dam was an ADGA Elite Doe in both 2019 and 2020, is a 6*M and won the 2020 ANDDA Silver juju award. His Dam’s Dam, SG Up At The O.W. DR Jubilee is also very impressive as she was an ADGA Elite Doe in 2017,2018,2019&2020 and is in the 99th percentile. On his sires side he also has impressive genetics. His sires dam scored a EEEE 92 and was a reserve national junior campion in 2016 and lastly, his sire’s sire’s dam was a 2011 ADGA Nationals best udder of breed. 


- Reserve Grand Champion: 2022 CA State Fair

-Reserve Senior Champion: 2022 CA State Fair

-1st place yearling buck 2022 CA State Fair

PC: Amanda Webber- Quaking canopy Nigerians

PC: Amanda Webber- Quaking canopy Nigerians



Castle Rock Desert Lark ***DNA ON FILE***

Registration: ADGA/AGS


Co-Owned with Janet Berry of DJ's Kids

Sire: Redstone Feel Like A Stranger *B

Sires Sire: Redstone Pony Boy *B (Redstone Dhruva +*B X SG On Firestone Creek H Jody Girl VEEE 90)

Sire's Dam: SG Redstone SF Dark Star VEEE 92 @ 6-06 4*M  ELITE DOE 2016-2021 (SG Piddilin Acres BBT Sunfire+*B VEV 87 ADGA ELITE SIRE 2016-2019 X SG Desertnanny BR Estrella 3*M VEEV 89 @6-08 AR 2013)

Dam: Castle Rock Robin VVVE 88

Dam's sire Castle Rock Eros (Camanna OMF Jimson Weed +B X Castle Rock Aphrodite VEVV 89 @ 6-05)

Dam's Dam: GCH CRF Castle Rock Roxanne VEEE91 @ 7-03 *D 1*M AR 2461 (CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +*B+S X SG Castle Rock Annabelle VEVV87)

another buck i am very excited to have! he has a packed pedigree and is quite the looker with his moonspots! i can't wait to see what he can do in my herd!

PC-- Amanda Weber Quacking canopy


-4th + 3rd place senior buck kid 2023 Motherlode Show






Registration: ADGA

Born: 04/02/24

Sire: Old Washoe PS One Eyed Willy

Sire's Sire: Castle Rock Port Sunlight VEE89 *B ( SG Castle Rock Cleavland Sage ++*B*S 2X ELITE X GCH CRF Castle Rock Tuscan Sun 1*M*D VEEE90)

Sire's Dam: Trilogy Ranch MH Jasmine 7*M VEEE91 ( SG Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey ++*B VEE88 X GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M AR 2020ANDDA silver JUJU award  EEEE92@8YRS)

Dam: Quaking Canopy Joie De Vivre

Dam's Sire: Castle Rock Fire King *B V+E86 (CRF Castle Rock Sugar Daddy X SGCH Castle Rock Wildfire VEEE90)

Dam's Dam: Quaking Canopy Savoir-Faire +VEV85 ELITE ( Urban Acres Haulin' Ace *B +EE87 X SG Quaking Canopy Olly Olly AR 4*M VVEE90 ELITE2019-2023)

a very exciting buck with a Packed pedigree! also exciting since this is the first buck retained with the Urban Kidz Herd Name, better picture to come soon!


Party Animal is currently my only mature buck available to outside does. mots doux will also be available to outside does when he is older. Party Animal is dual registered through both ADGA and AGS and mots doux will be dual registered as well so service memos from both registries can be provided if wanted. 

i currently offer driveway Breedings with Party Animal for $50 and driveway Breedings fees for mots doux for $75. boarding Breedings are available for both for an additional $5/day.  Boarding Breedings cover two separate visits to make sure the doe took to the breeding. It is important to track your doe(s) heat cycles to have a greater chance of having a successful breeding. Buck Rags can be made if requested, they can make it easier to track heats for those who don't have bucks to help them figure out who's ready to be bred.

It is extremely important to me that all of my goats stay healthy so to prevent my does and bucks from getting sick and potentially contracting diseases, all outside does that are to be bred MUST be tested for CAEV an CL within 30 days of the planned breeding date. any doe that does not have proof of a negative CAEV and CL test with in 30 days of the planned visit will not be bred or allowed onto the property. Urban Kidz Nigerians also has the right to refuse breeding services if the doe(s) in question look sickly.

I will try my very best to work with everyone's schedules (Both human and goat lol) but I work typically 29-40hrs a week to support my goats so I will need at least two weeks heads up on when you believe your doe will be in heat so I can be there to meet you at the farm. please feel free to email me or use the contact form on the website if you are interested or have any questions about breeding services.

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