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Sales Policy

 Sales Policy 

Urban Kidz Nigerians



All reservations on unborn kids are free to make with Urban Kidz Nigerians. Once the buyer has been notified that their goat(s) have been born the buyer will have 48 hours to claim their kid(s) and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the kid. If the kid does not have a deposit down on it 48 hours after notification of being born it will go to the next person on the reservation list. 

Weaned babies and adults can be held with a 50% deposit while arrangements/dates are being made for pick up. If the goat(s) stay longer than the mutually agreed upon date a $3/ day fee will be added to cover the cost of feed while they are at the farm.

All goats must be paid in full before they leave the farm. If paying by check the check must clear before the goat can leave . if the goat is fully paid for they will not leave, even if transport has already been aranged. Goats can also be paid for with cash, venmo or paypal.           

              3. TRANSPORTATION 

Urban Kidz Nigerians are more than willing to work with transport!  All costs associated with transport will be the buyer's responcability including but not limited to Health Certifications, ground transport, airline tickets, and  airline approved crates . Urban kidz Nigerians are not responsible for any costs associated with transporting goats.


All goats ( Does,Doelings, and Bucks )  to be sold at Urban Kidz Nigerians will come either with registration forms if they have not been registered yet or will be already registered through ADGA, AGS , or both registries  unless they are deemed to be pet quality in which case they will be sold without registration. If the buyer wants wethers to be registered for 4H homes a American Goat Society registration form will be provided which can be used at both ADGA and AGS shows .

As of 2024 a new ADGA rule was put into place for bucks, any buck that is born on or after January 1st, 2024, is to have their DNA on file to register any offspring they produce. The buyer understands that they are not responsible for sending in DNA to be put on file and that the breeder (Urban Kidz Nigerians) will handle all costs associated with putting DNA on file with ADGA.    



When purchasing a goat from Urban Kidz Nigerians the buyer understands that all goats brought onto the farm have been disease tested by Urban Kidz Nigerians vet ( Mill Station Veterinary Services) and have proven negative, we guarantee the health of our animals up until they leave the farm however cannot guarantee health after they leave as there are many factors that could affect it such as how the animal is maintained after purchasing, along with many more and therefore are not held responsible for the sickness or in rare cases death after they leave the farm. Current Years Disease Screening can be given upon request. 


All animals born on the farm are always checked for defects (such as extra teats, testical stuck in body cavity, hermaphroditic characteristics) when they are born and then again before they leave the property. In the event that a defect is found after the goat leaves the farm urban kidz nigerians will give buyers the option of  returning the animal and replacing said animal with one of matching quality or to return said animal with the conformational defect and receive a refund of the full sale price (not including transportation fees or other associated costs) with proof of the defect (picture or Video).

Urban kidz Nigerians are not responsible for infertility issues UNLESS Infertility is due to genetic origin with a statement from a licensed veterinarian as per ADGA guidelines. In the event of genetic fertility issues the buyer will have the option to either: return said goat with genetic fertility issue and and receive a replacement goat of similar quality OR return the goat and receive a refund of the full sales price.

7. Disbudding, Vaccinations and Castrations.

All goats at urban Kidz Nigerians are disbudded unless they are polled (naturally born without horns) by about 10 days old . all disbuddings are done by Mill Station Veterinary Services.  Goats can be sold not disbudded but must be paid for in full before they are 10 days old or they will be disbudded. 

All goat kids that are born on the farm are also vaccinated with CD&T  which protects them against puppy kidney disease (overeating disease)  and tetanus at 4 weeks and then again at  8 weeks old after that it is the buyer's responcibility to vaccinate their goat(s) once a Year.

All bucklings that are due to be wethers will be castrated before leaving the farm with no exceptions. Castrations are also done by Mill Station Veterinary Services once they hit at least 3 months old, the castration is done surgically. Bucklings that are going to be wethered will not leave the farm uncastrated. 


When buying any goat regardless of herd name, the buyer agrees to offer first right of refusal to Urban Kidz Nigerians  before the animal is put up for sale.

*******ALL SALES ARE FINAL*******

Sales Policy: Our Farm
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